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New version of clj-async-profiler brings differential flamegraphs (which are useful for performance regression testing and performance tuning visibility) and a slightly improved UI.

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New version of tape (codecs as option, sequential/seqable/reducible tailers, bump deps)

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Joe Lane15:06:50

Wow @U050SC7SV, this is a great looking project. Nice job!


Thanks! It's still a bit rough around the edges (lack of docs especially) but I have been using it for a while without hiccups.

Joe Lane15:06:01

It got me to read through the chronicle queue library. Really fascinating stuff. Also, kudos on your spandex library. We have been using it in production for a while now and it’s worked very well.


πŸ™‚ glad it helps


I don't use the distributed version tho, for this I would go to kafka instead. But it's a great alternative to factual/durable-queue

Joe Lane15:06:40

Why do you recommend kafka instead?


Kafka is free and I expect more reliable


distributed/replicated chronicle queue requires the Enterprise version


[Clojure Book WIP] Deep Learning for Programmers, New Release 0.2.0 Published

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