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Filipe Silva12:06:37

hi there, I was directed here from #clojurescript when I asked this question

Filipe Silva12:06:44

> Heya, apologies if this is a silly question, but how does issue reporting work for ClojureScript? > says that issues should be reported on > But it doesn't seem possible to comment or create issues there without an account. If an account is needed, how does one go about obtaining it?

Filipe Silva12:06:15

@gklijs mentioned that I can probably ask for an account here

Filipe Silva12:06:15

I'd like to contribute to some of the issues in the issue tracker

Filipe Silva12:06:06

there are good ways of compiling classes, including extended classes, without class

Filipe Silva12:06:23

TypeScript does that well

Filipe Silva12:06:38

you can see an example in their online playground

Filipe Silva12:06:00

class A {
  constructor(x) {
    this.x = x;

class B extends A {
  constructor(foo) {

const b = new B("bar")
is transpiled to
var __extends = (this && this.__extends) || (function () {
    var extendStatics = function (d, b) {
        extendStatics = Object.setPrototypeOf ||
            ({ __proto__: [] } instanceof Array && function (d, b) { d.__proto__ = b; }) ||
            function (d, b) { for (var p in b) if (b.hasOwnProperty(p)) d[p] = b[p]; };
        return extendStatics(d, b);
    return function (d, b) {
        extendStatics(d, b);
        function __() { this.constructor = d; }
        d.prototype = b === null ? Object.create(b) : (__.prototype = b.prototype, new __());
var A = /** @class */ (function () {
    function A(x) {
        this.x = x;
    return A;
var B = /** @class */ (function (_super) {
    __extends(B, _super);
    function B(foo) {
        return, foo) || this;
    return B;
var b = new B("bar");

Filipe Silva12:06:46

and behaves as expected


You should page @ alexmiller for an account - he’s migrating the old Jira to a new instance and I think there is still some balls in the air.

Filipe Silva13:06:20

roger, will do


@filipematossilva this is the new JIRA location nvm the old one redirects there ...

Filipe Silva13:06:04

yeah I was looking around there and it didn't seem like you can make an account yet