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OK, that got me a bit further but now I have this failure -- paredit isn't mentioned in my code so I'm not sure what's going on here. Is there a way to tell cljdoc to only do a Clojure parse and ignore the cljs aspect?


Hiya @seancorfield, cljdoc analyzer will analyze for cljs when it finds cljs or cljc files in a library jar. Cljdoc doesn’t currently let library authors specify platforms to analyze, but we do have a few hardcoded overrides for specific projects in cljdoc itself. Without digging in at all that fail on paredit sure seems odd. I’d love to help more but am a somewhat out of commission at the moment.


NP. I’ll create an issue on the cljdoc repo about it so it doesn’t get “lost”. It’s unfortunate that I can’t build the full docs for Expectations at all because of that tho’… 😞


@seancorfield does expectations target cljs for browser and node? it does seem a bit strange to be that it relies on planck in this way


Self-hosted testing via doo (using planck) is the intended usage.


It’s not what I would have chosen, but it’s what the person who contributed all the cljs work needed.


That’s why I think it would be ideal to be able to tell cljdoc — only do Clojure analysis for this project.


ok, I can do that later today


@lee actually, do you remember if hardcoded-projects.edn translates to the new cljdoc-analyzer setup?


I’m taking a look at this build, and in looking at the error thats thrown, I can’t explain why tools.analyzer is throwing a can’t recur error here: I’d very much like to get these docs publishing again, but am not sure how to fix this issue. Any tips?


(would annotating this ns with cause the analyzer run to bypass the ns? I expect not, but this was the easiest potential work around I could see)


and even the setup I need to run this locally, — i imagine theres some deps.edn file present on the build allowing the clojure -Sdeps "${CLJDOC_ANALYZER_DEP:-$DEP_FALLBACK}" -m cljdoc-analyzer.cljdoc-main "${CLJDOC_ANALYZER_ARGS:-$FALLBACK}" to run in the container?