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Joe Campbell08:06:42

👋 Hey Everybody, we're growing our engineering team at Griffin! We're a new Banking as a Service provider (think AWS for financial services) currently seeking authorisation to become a fully regulated bank, so that we can provide safeguarding and client money bank accounts to our customers. We believe that in the future, most financial innovation will happen outside banks rather than inside them, and Griffin will be the platform that all future fintechs use rather than the boring big banks. Our open roles:  • And a bit more about us: We're looking for thoughtful people who strive to be kind in their words and actions. As product designers, we are always looking for ways to simplify complex things and we take security very seriously. As a financial institution, we believe that our customers' trust is our single most valuable asset and we will go above and beyond to earn and keep it. Our frontend stack is CLJS, Reframe, Reagent, React, Stitches, Storybook and Playroom Our backend stack is Clojure, Kafka, Datomic, Kubernetes, CircleCI and AWS We have an office in London but our team are distributed throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Portugal. Check out our jobs page for more info:


Hello Everyone! I am the Digital Developement Manager at Rev-A-Shelf in Louisville KY. I am looking to add a Clojure developer to my team. The epicenter of our digital world is coded in Clojure. I f you are interested please email me your resume to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Work Anywhere is an option. Additonal considerations include Knowledge of basic Web Software Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql) and DevOps experience with AWS. Look forward to hearing from some of you.


Hi, I'm an avid clojure fan, used it professionally for a number of years, and have been lurking on this slack channel for even longer. Currently (for better or worse) I'm doing statically typed FP in Haskell and Scala and my team is hiring. Don't kick me off for posting a Haskell job! The job is fully remote (or you can work from our NY office if you want) and we have people in various European countries and across the US already at the company. The role is intermediate (> 2 years). Here's the listing: Thanks!


I think this channel really is just for Clojure(script) jobs. Any chance you can change your tech stack to Clojure? 😉


Heh, yeah. Unfortunately I work w/ a bunch of Type fanatics and can't convince them to use Clojure.


So are you looking to hire someone to also help introduce Clojure into the company? It doesn't seem like that is a viable option from your last comment


@U8HLVR37A Hey Brian, I didn't realize you worked for Earnest Research. I applied for a position there but didn't reference you. Can I notify someone about that?


Hi @U052AM46R - I see it in our system so no worries. I'll take look. Thanks!