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Chris K02:06:26

Hello I'm using doom emacs and cider for clojure and for some reason, if I run cider on certain directories, emacs will go crazy and use 100% of my cpu, the cider repl will also not open


@sunchaesk It's best to start here and try to get more information about the nature of the problem.


Likely you've encountered some bug in the jack-in logic, but we need more info to identify it.


i make heavy use of cider-switch-to-repl-buffer with the universal argument to change the CIDER REPL namespace to the namespace of my current CLJ buffer, then move cursor to the REPL. the other day i did something in emacs without meaning to that did the inverse -- my REPL namespace was foo and i was displaying CLJ buffer bar but i hit some mystery keystroke by accident that moved the cursor to the CLJ buffer representing the bar namespace. i can't find any CIDER fn that purports to do this. did i just imagine it? is there such a facility built-in?


maybe cider-switch-to-last-clojure-buffer? In the repl, that's bound to the same C-c C-z keybinding that cider-switch-to-repl-buffer is bound to in a clojure buffer