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is it possible to undivert a datomic system, which has been diverted by, or should i restart my repl, if i want to do another for example?


im also getting an error like this:

Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at (impl.clj:490).
This client does not support dev-local import.
from import-cloud:
    {:source {:server-type :ion,
              :region      "ap-southeast-1",
              :system      "XXX",
              :endpoint    "",
              :proxy-port  8182,
              :db-name     "DBDBDB"}
     :dest   {:server-type :dev-local
              :storage-dir :mem
              :system      "tmp"
              :db-name     "copy1"}
     :filter {}})
i've tried both com.datomic/client-cloud v`0.8.102` and v`0.8.105`; same error.


ah, it seems, i can't import into an in-memory dev-local system 😞 if i use (str (io/file (System/getProperty "user.home") ".datomic" "local")) instead of :mem, then the import succeeds.


is there any reason for not supporting "dev-local import" into in-memory systems?


in the example, the source and the destination datomic :system names and :db-names are different. do i understand well, that if i want to use dl/divert-system, then my imported copy should have the same :system and :db-name? it feels very error-prone, because if i forget to call diver-system, i might end up modifying the cloud db, instead of the local copy and im not sure how would i even notice the mistake. are there any videos / articles demonstrating this workflow?


I'm curious if there was some thought in the past about adding a query planner to datomic (where the user-specified clause ordering is not meaningful), and if so why it was decided against - and if it hasn't, would there be consideration of adding it?