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Ivar Refsdal12:06:24

I'm pleased to announce recurring-cup, a simple scheduler for daily/weekly occurrences that supports timezones. Schedules are represented using Clojure seqs, and thus you may tweak them using standard filter, remove, etc. should you so like. It's built on top of the excellent tea-time.

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Our high performance data processing system, is out of beta and has reached version 6.00! It was quite a long beta but the system has been quite stable for a while. tmd allows you to process very large datasets interactively at the repl in a DataFrame style like Pandas or R's data.table. It performs than any of the comparative options and was written from the ground up in Clojure. ā€¢ Checkout my talk about ā€¢ For more Clojure data science-centered work checkout the and especially There is a lot of great stuff there! ā€¢ If you are looking just for great mathematics most of R's core mathematical library. P.S. - as Alex posted above, if you haven't filled out the Stack Overflow, please do so! It really helps us all out.

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