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Good morning! Do the long summer days and sunshine impact your energy levels too? I sleep less than ever but still don’t feel sleepy at night. Curious to hear if it’s a thing for others too


Heat is tiring, and if it’s very hot I struggle to get to sleep, but generally I don’t have any troubles with that


Good morning


Good morning! I always feel more rested in the summer because the sunrise waking me up naturally helps me to not oversleep. But the heat can be draining. I’m used to British summers and here it’s normal to be 30 degrees or more in the summer


Figuring out when to sleep is tricky when it is still light outside at 11


I’ve been/felt extremely unproductive the last couple of weeks. Not quite sure why, but it might be that with the nice weather I prefer to be outside rather than put in a couple of extra hours in the evening.


Summer isn’t good for my productivity either. Heat and hay fever.


Seems like this can be backed up by github:


On the other hand, my skateboarding has improved quite a bit 🙂


Is 20 a number (of commits?), or a time (8pm)?


number of commits.


It’s a metric about as useless as LOC, but I’ve found that it has some value. In a somewhat ideal world this metric would stay somewhat constant. As you see in my graph, I’m somewhat on a roller coster it seems. If I were my manager, I’d find that interesting, and might use that as a basis for a discussion. Not because one should have a constant flow of commits, but when your rate of commits suddenly drops, it might be an indication of something that should be handled. So, not at all advocating using a metric like this to compare devs to other devs, but rather to use as an invitation to a discussion if there are huge variations in the rates of commits.




The rate of commits can vary for tons of reasons. Pair, or mob programming being one. Or shift of focus from committing new bugs or fixes over to testing. Or, whatever. Even if some of the reasons could be valid concerns, I think I would be uncomfortable with my manager bringing up stats like that as a basis for discussions.


Wasn’t that slipset’s point - don’t use if for a metric, but have a conversation, and see if it’s for a good/neutral reason, or if there’s a problem. Needs to be approached carefully, and the environment needs to be right, etc etc


Could be a sign that someone’s struggling, could be a sign that support are coming to them too often, could be a sign that they’re taken on extra responsibility and need a pay rise/promotion 😁


On @otfrom’s tangent, I get reminded of John James Cowperthwaite, Governor of Hong Kong during the 1960's who “forbid” national statistics on the basis that that would create inefficiencies. From > He was once asked what the key thing that poor countries could do to improve their growth. He replied: “They should abolish the office of national statistics.”


OK, so not governor, but anyway.


Basically. As a manager you should be observing a bunch of signals coming from the people you manage. Rate of commits could be one such signal. None of these signals should be treated as authoritative, but variance in them could invite to a discussion to see if there are underlying problems. Case in point. One of our most productive programmers had its productivity drop to zero in March last year. If I were its manager, I would have had a talk basically saying “We understand, times are hard, take care of yourself and your family”.


true, but sometimes commits drop to zero b/c they are helping team mates and not doing commits themselves (as mentioned above)


but yeah, lots of signals help. Just have to be careful in how they are interpreted

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just remember - numbers about life aren't real, they are just a record of things that have been counted 🙂

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and very, very, very lossy


but still sometimes useful


Good morning


@reefersleep Building up tolerance? ;)


Hahaha I wish


Never more than 2, never later than 15, @borkdude


I have 10 cups a day on average. Throughout the day and often one just before bed time. 😃


That's crazy! Though, I can imagine that I'll have to up my dosage when we have the next kid, so I have sympathy for your situation 👶:skin-tone-2:


@pez no sleep problems? :)


I get crazy withdrawal symptoms when I deviate too much from my normal coffee dosage. Same with normal number of commits.


Recently I have started to wake up quite early, but I have attributed that to age (we have a word “gubbvakna” in Swedish, don’t know how official, but it alludes to that old people wale up early).


I’m subscribing to gubbvakna. Pair it with a lunch nap 🙂

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haha, in german we say "senile Bettflucht"

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(which has a pseudo medical conotation)

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it is common with age yes. also in summer, I tend to wake up earlier because of all the frigging light


blackout blinds work very well for me


@borkdude frig that light. I've come to appreciate dark, rainy days so much more than sunny days during the past few years. I kid you not, I get giddy when I see dark clouds.

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@reefersleep Come to Northern Ireland, you’d love it here! No sun for days on end.

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We had a partial eclipse of the cloud today! 🙂


I'm moving back to Greece this summer. I'll let you know if my energy levels grow or climb. Much more mellow sunrise/sunset cycles but a lot more sunlight on average.


Just for the summer?


Nope, leaving for good :( the hardest decision of my life now that we have a daughter…


COVID made this both possible but also necessary. It obliterated completely all of our social lives (most of our friends moved away) and raising a child with no support network is tough.


Also the timing is right for my wife to get started in academia which in Copenhagen at least turned out to be a dead end…


Sad to hear that, but good luck making things work out in Greece.


Thanks! Leaving Copenhagen in warm weather is even harder 😹 I’ll still visit though as I’m keeping my job here :)


I’d love to work remote to Denmark from Greece!


I’ll let you know how it goes :) The Danish state takes care of a lot of things which we have now to figure out on our own. But I’m gone 6 years now and things have probably changed. A lot of low hanging fruit, organization-wise :)


Good luck with the move. Where in Greece will you be?


Downtown Athens. A concrete jungle as they say but very very interesting place to be


I’d be most happy with a state that doesn’t take care of anything at all. 😃


I would love to have a chat about that, because I strongly disagree! But we might need to wait for an in-person Clojure conference! ❤️

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Looking forward!


Damn, that’s a tough decision! I fully sympathise with your reasoning. We moved back to the other end of the country to be closer to family after the birth, and I’m so happy we did, even if socialising with family can be…. hmmm… challenging at times (he wrote at the tail end of a weekend spent with the in-laws)

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I hope it’ll turn out for the best all around 🙌


In other sunny topics, whereabouts should I look to hire a Wordpress freelancer to hack on our corporate website?

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Hi everybody! 😉

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So if I understand correctly, it is common on a europe channel to say "morning" in the evening haha 😂

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