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Might cause issues with regards to mail that might not be worth the giggles 馃槄


I鈥檝e noticed clojars being incredibly slow today.. am I the only one?

Karol W贸jcik12:06:36

Nope. I noticed the same


They had some DB issues this morning but should be back up now


I asked yesterday in #clojars because I was seeing a lot of 504 Gateway Time-out errors and Toby confirmed this morning that it was a database issue and has since been fixed.


Fun way to learn some flex-box layout basics: (Works really bad in Safari, you have been warned).

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I am interested to make a forum structure similar to or but for non-english speakers. I am not sure if both of them were built from scratch or there is a template/layout service that provide basic functionalities and we only customize and manage the forum. Would like to know more info on that if someone knows


Dunno about, but Clojureverse is Discourse (

seancorfield18:06:03 is a PHP project 鈥 I can鈥檛 remember the name of it but @U064X3EF3 would know.


Ah, yes, I remember now 馃檪


great!! thanks!


(I thought it said somewhere on the ask site but it isn鈥檛 mentioned in the About page)


yes, I read it before asking. The same for clojureverse, or I missed it


@UBSREKQ5Q Perhaps just Github Discussions works well enough?


I'm using it for babashka Q/A / idea discussions, it works well


we have more than 500 members in a pt-BR chat talking about clojure. I would like to provide another structure (forum-like) to become a knowledge base as clojureverse and ask-clojure. Not sure yet if this would have traction though, but worth trying


yeah, I like the clojureverse software (discourse)


I leaning more towards discourse, really like that structure

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:06:49

if you end up going towards q2a, I'm happy to provide a couple pointers. in default install it's a spam honeypot. but it sounds to me like you are doing more interactive stuff, and certainly discourse is better for that.

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sigh "not not 馃槖" (yes, for some reasons strings can be null or "null"... I don't know how this occured)