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Anyone know if is totally abandoned? Luke VanderHart seems to be the only real contributor to the code in all of the libs (respect! that’s a lot of code). I am honestly only really looking at, but other than development having stopped in 2018, the thing that is really giving me pause is the lack of licences for most (all?) of the libraries in the project. Not knowing the licence is a red flag to me. In principle, that means it is closed source.


It seems like an oversight. Seems he just puts licenses on his most popular projects e.g. or


Ok, makes sense.

Steven Deobald03:06:44

@U4P4NREBY Unlicensed code is closed source, though ("good intentions are not contracts" and all that). If you're going to use any of it, I'd ask him to license it first.


@U01AVNG2XNF Yes, I realise that 🙂 that’s why I mentioned it. Also, the type of licence matters a great deal tool. Anyway, he reached out in the meantime and slapped an Apache licence on that bad boy.

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Luke seems to have cut back on his online time over the pandemic. He’s still on Twitter occasionally, but he hasn’t been active on GitHub at all


I see. Thank you, @quoll.


Luke said that his work has kept him off open source lately, and that he will follow up. He said that everything should be available to use, but this should prompt him to add an EPL


So perhaps you could continue to “explore” it for now, with the expectation that it will be available soon

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