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Is it correct that a Cider test report is only created if tests fail? It seems a test report is never generated if tests always pass (not exactly a TDD approach, I appreciate that). Once there has been a failing test, then a test report is updated even if all tests pass successful. I found the auto-completion-enable-sort-by-usage custom variable and this will create and show the report even if tests never fail. Just curious as to if this is the intended way the test report works or if I missed something. Thank you.


this is something that annoys me a bit as well


Setting the custom variable, that works for what I am doing. It does seem to make more sense to generate a test report when ever tests are run but only shown the test report buffer on failure.


CIDER 0.25 (“Bergamo”) is out! It’s a relatively small release that introduces a couple of improvements and fixes a several long-standing and quite annoying bugs. Check out the release notes for details Cheers! cider

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Phil Jackson21:06:22

Hey, I'm a bit behind on cljr, is there cljs support yet?

Phil Jackson21:06:34

I'm interested in renaming symbols at the mo.


i don't believe so

Phil Jackson21:06:38

It'll teach me for naming them poorly in the first place.