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Dear Calva-friends. v2.0.102 just released. Please upgrade.

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Hi all! Never had a problem with calva before and it always worked smoothely. However, today I wanted to run shadow-cljs for node.js but couldn't get calva to recognize required packages at all. Executing a whole file would use the packages correctly, evaluation of require in the repl and evaluation of the namespace form does however not make anything available in the repl session.

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Apart from that, shadow-cljs node-repl works as expected and requires like (require '["crypto" :as crypto]) makes crypto available which is not the case in for the calva repl


I just wondered if this is some known limitation or if there is a workaround. The setup I tried is exactly just a clone of


I'll try this myself and see what I find. Thanks for reporting!


I have the same issue.


Also shadow-cljs cljs-repl app work from the terminal...


Can you file an issue about this, please?


I can't test myself right now, but it might be an issue with newer shadow-cljs. Try using an older version.


You can also try with disabling Calva: Enable JS Completions in settings. But with an older version of shadow you can still keep that. Thomas Heller will fix a temp workaround, but for now, those seem to be the options.


@U0ETXRFEW I'm sorry I'm late to reply as I did not ge tto a computer today yet. Thanks a lot for looking into it so fast and find the point of failure! I downgraded shadow-cljs to 2.9.10 and it works smoothely now! I believe an issue in the Calva repository is not necessary as the point of failure lies within shadow-cljs?


I'd appreciate am issue anyway. For visibility. Then people can find the workaround as well easier.


Alright, I filed the issue. Thanks again!


Thanks! And you are very welcome!