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Anyone out there using lispy? How do you unwrap parenthesis like say from '(:a :b :c) to (:a :b :c)?

eccentric J01:06:03

Nevermind. Just pressing x over the paren does it.


If any of you uses book Clojure, The Essential Reference (comprehensive documentation for the Core Lib), I made a small package to quickly jump to documentation of symbol from Emacs

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Hi, I've been trying to follow the installation instructions on Brave Clojure (on mac osx) and I can't get past the step 3 part "Run mv path/to/emacs-for-clojure-book1 ~/.emacs.d." These are probably stupid questions but I can't figure it out... I run the "mv path..." in terminal? It says No such file or directory wherever i run it. I've manually searched for the file path but I don't see it. Any suggestions? Is there a video of someone doing this?


I would not recommend using the Emacs configuration in Brave Clojure, it is very out of date, lacking in features and seems to be unmaintained. I suggest using one of the following Emacs configurations instead:


Choose Spacemacs or Doom Emacs if you want to use Vim style editing. Or prelude if you prefer classic Emacs.


I do recommend Spacemacs and have a book on how to use it for Clojure development. It can also be set up with 2 git clone commands

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regarding the specific question, the command should be executed from the terminal. iiuc, the intent is to move the uncompressed content, a folder, to a specific location, so if you can do that by other means, using the terminal is not necessary.

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what practicalli said about out-of-dateness matches my experience though. if you aren't already an emacs user, there are other options too these days.


Thanks so much @U05254DQM and @UG1C3AD5Z I will check those out tonight. I have had an easier time learning clojure and clojurescript than figuring out emacs. Also @U05254DQM I recognize your name from the tic tac toe practice project I did, thanks for that!

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@U0135E0PFDX if you do not wish to learn Emacs there are other editors tha support Clojure very well. The Calva plugin for VSCode is excellent. Clojure aware editors I recommend

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yes, using the terminal. you'll want to replace the "path/to/" part with the actual location of the file you downloaded. most likely it is in your Downloads folder, so the command you run might look similar to this: mv ~/Downloads/emacs-for-clojure-book1 ~/.emacs.d


thanks @U0124C56J5R! Far and away the hardest part of learning clojure for me has been stuff like this. Is there something I can check to confirm it worked?


I entered it into terminal I think correctly. I tried the next step C-x C-f in emacs to Navigate to ~/.emacs.d/customizations/ui.el, but I don't see a line 37 on there to edit. That file looks blank to me in my emacs


If the mv worked correctly, you should see a list of files if you do this (in terminal): ls ~/.emacs.d/