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If I could put my two cents on the next conjure feature, it would be the colorized output. Our test framework uses this and the output is completely impossible to read on conjure, having to run tests over repl.

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just stripping the color tags off, would be nice as well.


It’s high up on my list 😄 hopefully over the next few days I’ll get to work on some things. I guess building one into Conjure will be lovely, still not sure if it should be a separate plugin. I think it should be built in so I can tweak it for our use case.


I think it’s quite a hard problem to solve, so solving it in a generic way leads to weird tradeoffs. Solving for Conjure’s append only log maybe be a LOT easier.


wound not mind a separated plugin, I think this is not everybody problem


I’ll see how hard it is to solve, if it’s not that bad to do in a generic way, maybe I’ll make it standalone.


Sorry about the gross looking text for now though 😭


the current vim pluguins to solve this are a mess, maybe a standalone plugin could make more people happy


Yeah, if I can make it work perfectly for Conjure users + others it’ll be really cool. My 3rd Aniseed based plugin too 😉


Nah, don't have to be sorry, conjure is amazing regardless.


Well thank you very much, I hope I get more velocity on it soon, my new job and changes to Aniseed are soaking up all of my time right now 😅 I guess changes and improvements to Aniseed technically help Conjure though.

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