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Mornin. Latest api pathom docs are working again There's also a hidden rebuild button on cljdoc that Martin pointed out

Björn Ebbinghaus13:06:03

Is there someone who had a problem with datahike not writing to its file when transacting inside a parallel parser?

Thomas Moerman15:06:58

Hi, newbie question: Imagine you have a mutation in which some complex context data structure must be checked first, is it an idiomatic approach to use the existing resolvers (e.g. via the parser) to query for the needed context using an EQL query? (hope this makes sense)


hello, you mean like, you have an input, then you use it compute more data, to then run the mutations, is like this?

Thomas Moerman16:06:52

Yes. My idea was that I could perhaps leverage all the resolver logic that is already implemented to produce contextual data (needed in the mutation) in function of the mutation params and a graph query.

Thomas Moerman16:06:40

then run some inspections on that data map to decide e.g. whether the mutation is allowed or not


yes, that's totally possible, I remember writing a transform fn in the past that did just that


trying to find it here


couldn't find, but in a basic sense, you can just call the parser from inside the mutation (use the one from env, there is a :parser key there)