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cool. maybe if you don't mind I post simple questions here. e.g. what is core/object.go?


core/object.go defines most of the core objects (types), along with implementations on them, for the Joker implementation code. Other such types are defined in core/ source files like hash_map.go, array_map.go, and so on.


how could I get the size of total memory allocated of the runtime?


Depending on what, exactly, you’re looking for, you could try size, time (or gtime), top, etc., or maybe look into what the Go runtime offers. Other than size (which looks at the static executable), you’d invoke Joker and — for instantaneous measurements (unlike time) — put it in whatever state you want to measure, whether that be a REPL, waiting for input a la (read-line), sleeping, etc., and then taking the measurement.