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Chris McCormick03:06:58

Released v0.1.1 of flk - a Clojure-like LISP that runs on Bash, built on top of mal. • str-upper-case, str-lower-case, str-capitalize from to modify environment via shell commands e.g. source and export from • Updated @kanaka/mal upstream. • Bugfix in compiling standalone scripts.


CIDER 0.25 (“Bergamo”) is out! It’s a relatively small release that introduces a couple of improvements and fixes a several long-standing and quite annoying bugs. Special thanks to Clojurists Together for supporting my work on that release! Check out the release notes for details Cheers! cider


make sure you also update shadow-cljs when you upgrade, folks 🙂 it got a bit twilight-zoney there for a minute