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Chris McCormick03:06:58

Released v0.1.1 of flk - a Clojure-like LISP that runs on Bash, built on top of mal. • str-upper-case, str-lower-case, str-capitalize from to modify environment via shell commands e.g. source and export from • Updated @kanaka/mal upstream. • Bugfix in compiling standalone scripts.

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CIDER 0.25 (“Bergamo”) is out! It’s a relatively small release that introduces a couple of improvements and fixes a several long-standing and quite annoying bugs. Special thanks to Clojurists Together for supporting my work on that release! Check out the release notes for details Cheers! cider

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make sure you also update shadow-cljs when you upgrade, folks 🙂 it got a bit twilight-zoney there for a minute