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Çağdaş Şenol09:06:55

Hello. I am new to jackdaw and I wonder if there is any throttling option when consuming streams and merging them. I am left-joining multiple ktables into one and I want to have the main stream to have highest priority (unconsumed events for that event needs to be as low as possible with the trade-off of joining other streams later on). Does jackdow have some utility for such a case ?

Daniel Stephens09:06:14

You could do it rather manually with your own set of consumers but I don't think KafkaStreams supports it out of the box which means I don't think jackdaw would since it's (mostly) a wrapper

Çağdaş Şenol10:06:06

Yep. KafkaStreams does not support it . I was wondering if anyone needed this and made some tools using jackdaw. It sounds like quite a common problem.