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aw man will left? just when I'm getting back into things


He visits when we need him. 😍


man, I stop writing clojure for three months and things really heat up on the vscode tooling front


hm so I tried jacking in just now and got this:


> Downloading: cider/cider-nrepl/0.21.1/cider-nrepl-0.21.1.pom from > Downloading: xml-apis/xml-apis/2.0.2/xml-apis-2.0.2.jar from > Error building classpath. Could not find artifact bouncycastle:bctsp-jdk14:jar:138 in central ( > The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1


in a project using deps.edn


works on a shadow-cljs project


oh I see, it's a project's dependencies problem, ugh


this is what I get for letting projects collect dust


New Calva lets you remove all nrepl-ish dependencies from your project. (Though from that error it looks like some other cruft, but anyway.)


Hi @pez I responded in thread wrt the version

Daniel Hines12:06:42

So, I’m a little confused on the new jack-in process (I was a little confused on the old jack-in as well). What is the exact sequence of things I should do to jack in, starting with opening VS Code? Right now my process is to run shadow-cljs watch app, try jacking in, and (when that doesn’t work), try killing shadow and restarting until it works (which it always eventually does). It seems like Calva is trying to be automagical with the jack in, and I’m happy to let it, I just don’t know how yet.

Marc O'Morain12:06:47


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@d4hines, old Calva did not have jack-in. New Calva makes a distinction between 1. Connecting to a running REPL, and 2. Letting Calva start the REPL (a k a Jack-in) Try doing nothing before you jack-in, except opening the project in vscode.

Daniel Hines13:06:27

Ooooh, Ok. I think I was combining those in my head.


You also need to clean your project files and profile (dunno if shadow cares about the profile) from any cider/nrepl deps.


I should put something about the migration in the readme. Remind me if I seem to forget it. 😃

Daniel Hines14:06:31

When I try opening VS Code, and running Jack In, I get the error Executing task: /user/local/bin/npx <. But it errors out with You must supply a command.


Wow, never seen that!

Daniel Hines14:06:16

I searched for it in this channel, and one other person had something that sounded similar, but I didn’t see any resolution.


So do you get some prompt before it starts executing the task?

Daniel Hines14:06:36

Yeah, it asks for the build, and I select :app.


Can you share the contents of shadow-cljs.edn with me?


Not that that should be the problem since you get that prompt...

Daniel Hines14:06:37

Admittedly I have a weird set up, due to the browser being in a VM.


Until we find a solution for jack-in you can use old connect like so: 1. Start the repl with shadow-cljs -d cider/cider-nrepl:0.21.1 watch :app 2. Connect.

Daniel Hines14:06:18

Do i need the -d?


OK, so maybe it is something special with your setup.

Daniel Hines14:06:31

It seems to work without it.


That might mean you have the dependency in your project file, which you shouldn't have. 😃


So, yes, you need the dependency on the command line.

Daniel Hines14:06:00

Where is this project file?

Daniel Hines14:06:16

I know that’s a dumb question 😅


I mean shadow-cljs.edn=)