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Dear Calva-friends, the Legacy Calva extensions are causeing major confusion for people who looke for Clojure extensions for Code. I need to come up with a plan for how to kill those old extensions. Starting with an inventory. Anyone of you still using Calva Legacy? If so, why?


Just dropped in btw to say that I got a co-worker up and running on Calva, and he’s super stoked 🙂

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I don't know if you can edit your reviews on the vs code marketplace, but if you can, that would go very well there!;ssr=false#review-details


Yeah. We have solved it for the repl window, if I understand your suggestion correctly. Should be a piece of cake. Famous last words.


You “solved” it 🙂


The thing showing the args disappears at the moment your cursor leaves the fn-name.


Yeah, that might be tricky to fix. But haven't looked at it so maybe it's not that hard. In any case, you'll have to describe the feature you want like I'm an idiot. 😎 Please update that issue with everything you think I need to solve it properly.

Daniel Hines12:06:17

So, since upgrading to v2, I haven’t been able to get docstrings on hover. Any ideas?


That probably means you do not have the dependencies injected correctly in the REPL server. I guess you still can't jack-in so for connecting you need to: 1. Make sure shadow-cljs.edn is clean from cider, piggieback, anything like that. 2. Start the REPL using shadow-cljs -d cider/cider-nrepl:0.21.1 watch :app

Daniel Hines13:06:10

Thanks, I’ll give that another try when i have a chance (`-d` somehow caused things not to work any more…, but I’ll fiddle with it more later)

Daniel Hines13:06:15

Thanks, I’ll give that another try when i have a chance (`-d` somehow caused things not to work any more…, but I’ll fiddle with it more later)


It could also be that v2 is not as friendly for setups involving VMs and stuff...


I don’t know why I am having so much troubles getting Calva working on this computer :(


How is it not working?


I’ve done a clean install of VScode. It does keep settings around after deletion on Mac. So I removed those as well.


I can’t seem to get any structural editing working. I can’t get it to jack in. Both worked for a brief moment. At independent times. From my perspective I’ve done nothing different for these different behaviours.


It’s most likely a user error but I am completely stumped and scratching my head

Felix Linker16:06:47

Hey pez, I think I have to annoy you again. Sometimes, I have the feeling that calva ends up in a bad state when annotating my files with issues. Certain issues don't go away when they should. The strange thing is that everything works as expected in the REPL and compiling gives the correct output in "Calva says" but the linting simply doesn't go away. Confer this example:

Felix Linker16:06:40

However, the namespace is used:

Felix Linker16:06:09

And furthermore, the compiler is able to resolve the symbol and Calva says now says that everything is fine. I'm also able to load the namespace into my REPL.

Felix Linker16:06:50

Is there something wrong with my workflow? Is there any way to really reload the file? Because just executing again does not change the linting.


@linkerfelix , I don't know what's going on with the linter. But in Calva the linting is a totally separate process from the compiler. So reloading the file won't change anything with the linting report. What you could try is to disable the Calva linter and install the extension Clojure-lint, by @marc-omorain, instead. It uses clj-kondo instead of Joker, and should be quite competitive in features.


Parse error: Unable to resolve symbol doesn't come from clj-kondo, but from joker


(ok, that's what you were saying)


Yeah, I am not suggesting … yeah. you beat me to it. 😃