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I accidentally clicked 'Don't ask me again' on the ClojureDocs download popup, but I actually want it to ask me again. Can I reset this setting?


Yep, Preferences | Languages &amp; Frameworks | Clojure | Documentation options


at least "Find usages" still works


if i create an empty directory, open it up in intellij first, then i create a deps.edn file, cursive doesn't allow me to create deps based run configurations or repls. if i run File/New/Project from existing sources... and just let it overwrite the .idea directory, then everything works. how can i manually inform cursive/intellij project about the creation of the deps.edn file?


@onetom You can add it from the deps toolwindow using the + button.


but i don't even have a deps tool window


btw, im on 2019.1.3 & 1.8.2-eap4 but it didn't work with non-eap version either. imagine, i do this:

mkdir deps-test
idea deps-test
echo '{:paths ["src"] :deps {}} ' > deps-test/deps.edn
and then what's next? i have no deps tool window. cmd-shift-a "deps" doesn't show that option either.


in fact, cmd-shift-a doesn't even work now, after i've added the deps.edn file 😕 it works in other windows... this happened for the 2nd time today.


it's blinking the Help menu, but the action finder doesn't pop up. but if i select the Find Action... from the Help menu with the mouse, then the popup appears...


Hmm, right, if it’s the very first deps.edn file, you won’t have the toolwindow yet. You can use File | Project Structure, click + there and import a new module, and then point it at the deps.edn file.


ok, let me try it


yeah, it kinda works, just have to delete the autogenerated module, which im a bit reluctant to do, since it's auto-generated 😕 also if delete that module, then my project tool window looks weird, like no files there, only the deps.edn anyway, thanks for the clarification


Why do you want to delete the autogenerated module?