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@rahul080327 @borkdude a bit more on the api-ms-* dlls. they (at least some of them) exist in win10 (i think a default installation) in at least 2 places: c:\windows\system\downlevel and c:\windows\syswow64\downlevel however, comparing their versions to those that seem to make clj-kondo.exe work show that they (at least some of them) differ. i tried modifying PATH so these seemingly comes-with-the-system versions get used when executing clj-kondo.exe, but they don't seem to help. perhaps it's the specific versions that come with things like openjdk that make things work...


if they come with openjdk, it probably won't be an issue with licensing right?


may be that's something the graal folks can be queried about


i wonder if there's some tweaking that can be done on the graal / native image end so that the created binary will work with what comes with windows 10...then possibly we don't have to bundle any dlls? by name, afaict, all of the dlls that appear to be necessary seem to come with windows 10 (see above).