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@hlolli i am trying to get the pkg-lumo sample to work, but am encountering errors which i have so far failed to understand: -- any hints?


I've never seen such an error before, wow. I guess if you have a node project collects dust, it will start behaving weirdly.


could you try with an older node/npm version?


it needs an update for sure, still compiling against an old lumo version, just didn't know anybody used it except the closh project.


i need to look into using an older node version -- thanks for the hint. am quite interested in pkg-lumo as a potential alternative to native-image for writing some tooling


yes, I'm all for single binary, it's almost as good as statically compiled the result, since as far as I remember, only libc is required. I got a crush on graal's native-image for that reason.


But graal has some llvm files that must be included when using polyglot, but not a big deal


If this doesn't work, write a ticket and I'll have a look later. Then I also know you're using it and I'll therefore make time to look at it.