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I published a blog post about getting started with ClojureScript with the absolute bare minimum of tooling. lein and co abstract away a lot of the process and I found it interesting to try and do without:

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[edn-query-language/eql "0.0.5"] is out! Now if you want to use the library without having to add the specs to the output you can do it with a closure flag, details at: Full change log:

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[com.wsscode/pathom "2.2.16"] is out! Library Changes: - Support tempid? on pathom graphql config, thanks @codonnell! - Fix return of parallel timeout - Support conditional removal of specs using closure defines Full list of changes: Documentation Changes: - Add section on how to use ::pc/transform - Updated docs on batch resolvers - Update text to make it simpler to follow - Add demo on how to use pathom built-in pc/transform-batch-resolver - Add demo on how to use pathom built-in pc/transform-auto-batch

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Fulcro 3 is nearing the end of its Alpha releases and should enter Beta soon. The latest alpha is on clojars, and the new revision of the Developer’s Guide is getting close…

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restQL v3 is here! - Content aggregation, - Support for additional HTTP methods, - A self-healing system, - A Clojurescript/Javascript version.

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