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I published a blog post about getting started with ClojureScript with the absolute bare minimum of tooling. lein and co abstract away a lot of the process and I found it interesting to try and do without:

Nate Sutton12:06:29

@UB6SQUDCN I was just looking for something like this last night. thanks!! (reposted my comment here to not clutter up the channel)


[edn-query-language/eql "0.0.5"] is out! Now if you want to use the library without having to add the specs to the output you can do it with a closure flag, details at: Full change log:


[com.wsscode/pathom "2.2.16"] is out! Library Changes: - Support tempid? on pathom graphql config, thanks @codonnell! - Fix return of parallel timeout - Support conditional removal of specs using closure defines Full list of changes: Documentation Changes: - Add section on how to use pc/transform - Updated docs on batch resolvers - Update text to make it simpler to follow - Add demo on how to use pathom built-in pc/transform-batch-resolver - Add demo on how to use pathom built-in pc/transform-auto-batch


Fulcro 3 is nearing the end of its Alpha releases and should enter Beta soon. The latest alpha is on clojars, and the new revision of the Developer’s Guide is getting close…


restQL v3 is here! - Content aggregation, - Support for additional HTTP methods, - A self-healing system, - A Clojurescript/Javascript version.