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Published an article on contributing to Clojure open-source projects. I make a case for why it’s easier than contributing in other languages and also share my process to help beginners contribute.

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cljol, some Clojure/Java code I wrote some time back to investigate the size of Java objects and how they refer to each other, inside a running JVM. Possibly useful if you are curious about memory usage of Clojure data structures, or how they are implemented internally.

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@U0CMVHBL2 this is pretty cool. Clever naming choice too (reusing the “j” across initialisms)


It reminds me of a time when I was trying to do hprof-analysis stuff in clj to try to have a repl-driven way to analyze heap dump data (instead of the sql-based stuff that I’ve typically seen in profiler tools)


At least on the surface, it almost seems I could get similar benefits out of some of this JOL stuff in the repl (no idea if that is accurate yet, haven’t looked enough). Either way, seems like an interesting lib.


Thanks! Probably best to move additional discussion somewhere else, e.g. #clojure channel.

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