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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of re-graph 0.1.9. re-graph is a GraphQL client for Clojurescript with re-frame bindings and support for queries, subscriptions and mutations over websocket or HTTP. This release adds support for: - Error messages returned via the websocket transport are now piped to the callback handler in the :errors key #43 It's available now on Clojars. Thanks and enjoy, Oliy


Hey everyone. We just finished up a series on the Functional Design in Clojure podcast. The series focuses on a common devops problem: getting information from log files. Our summary episode is out today: The first episode in the series is Come tell us what you think in #clojuredesign-podcast.

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Noah Bogart01:06:13

I just discovered this podcast last week. I'm flying through them! You two are wonderful.


Thank you.


Just released clj-cbor 0.7.2 with a couple fixes for incremental encoding and decoding:

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