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For some reason, go-to definition stopped working since I upgraded to the new calva (it’s been a while since i last used it), I jacked-in, loaded the namespace as usual, but it does not work. Is there a place where I can find logs other than the Calva says and the developer console? (those where mostly empty)


@andremidea, do you have any nrepl dependency stuff in your project file or profile? (It used to be how you connected Calva, but now it would interfere with jack-in.)


yes! removing the nrepl dependency and upgrading lein did the job 🙂 many thanks!!

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That is really good to know. The README should probably contain a message about checking this for people coming from old Calva.


I’ve got a strange problem with setting up Calva on a new computer. It’s an early 2015 MacBook running macOS Sierra. Structural editing is not working. Parinfer is not working. Tab key is not indenting.


@grounded_sage, can you check the development console and see if you have any messages there that can hint us about what is not happening?


That’s the error. If I remove the Calva extension this error disappears.


Calva version 2.0.19


Yes, those are from the Calva extension, but it is something everybody gets and should not disable things. I wonder what is going on… What version of VS Code is it?


Version 1.35.1


What other extensions are installed?


Only that one. We are on holidays and I don’t have a laptop atm so decided to use partners. I think it was originally called a MacBook C. I have done a VScode install. Calva is the only extension added.


So then you have Calva and Clojure Warrior as the only extensions?


I will try deleting VScode and doing a fresh install in a few hours when I have the laptop again. Though I don’t think this is the problem. Does VScode hold any meta settings/config that lingers after deleting the app.


Yes those are only extensions


The computer has never has VScode. Installed prior


I don't think so VSCode keeps anything, but I'm not an expert on the subject.


Did I ask you if you could run the commands w/o keyboard shortcuts?


Maybe you could try install VSCode Insiders to see if a clean install helps...


How do you run commands without keyboard shortcuts?


Select them from the command palette.


The biggest thing that jumped out to me at first when I installed was that I couldn’t tab in a clj/cljs file.


Other files work fine.


I will try both of those when at computer. Command pallete and VScode insiders.


You are not supposed to be able to tab in a clj file with Calva. What should happen is that the code in the ”current” form gets formatted.


(`tab` is assigned as a keyboard shortcut to Format current form)


I’m still very new to VScode. I saw that Calva has Parinfer. Does it still do the bracket inference based on indentation? I know that Parinfer has gone through some changes since I last used also.


I was also having issues doing slurp/barf commands. It wasn’t working then it worked then it stopped working. So I’m just a little confused about what behaviours I should have.


Calva has very limited Parinfer. So, no. But it has a command that can infer parens from indentation ctrl+alt+p. However, the structure can't be too broken for that to work.


Ok cool. Well this has been enlightening. I might have just not known how to use my tools :p


That sounds like a glitch. I have had problems with the paredit commands getting disabled when going between the repl window and the editors, but I had hoped those were sorted out.


I will report back after I experiment with it again.


I should make a short intro video.


I don’t really think I need Parinfer. Paredit and an auto format seems like the best way to handle lisp syntax.


Yea video would probably help. I’ll have another look at the docs because it might have just been me glancing over it all to lightly.


Decided to try an OS update. Perhaps could have waited for your response @pez haha. So will be a little while until I can give some more info


Haha, well, Mojave will do that Mac good. 😃

Daniel Hines16:06:25

just fired up the new REPL window for the first time… THIS IS SO COOL!!!

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Daniel Hines16:06:08

It feels much closer to my flow with Spacemacs… Except… I actually know how to use VS Code (as opposed to Emacs 😛 )