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Roman Tsopin17:10:11

Hi all, don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but autocomplete disappears when I select a function from suggest. I expected it to stay and show function parameters. Also I don’t see parameters in the last version, this is a known bug or something wrong with my setup? Also, a big thanks for your work, it’s amazing.


Hello, @romantsopin! It is neither a bug or a feature, rather something not implemented. I’ll have a look at what Cider/nREPL offers that could help adding this.

Roman Tsopin17:10:09

Got it, thanks. From time to time I jump from Calva to ClojureVSCode, the former in my opinion is more flexible and eval inline is a real killer feature, but the latter has a more solid autocomplete support. It will be awesome to get something like this in Calva


Thanks. I’ll have a look at ClojureVSCode and see what I can stea…, I mean get inspired by. 😃

👍 12