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Mario C.15:10:30

I came across this

Mario C.15:10:56

To run a REPL with a certain profile.

Mario C.15:10:09

Where would I add this function?

Mario C.15:10:43

In my .spacemacs file? SPC f e d?


Sure. In dotspacemacs/user-config would be fine @mario.cordova.862.


You might want to put it in a (with-eval-after-load 'clojure-mode ...) block.


And once you defined the function you could also say something like (spacemacs/set-leader-keys "ocr" 'start-cider-repl-with-profile) to get a Spacemacs-friendly key binding.

Mario C.16:10:46

@jeff.terrell When I run the function, implemented as is, I get : wrong number of arguments passed in (1 . 1), 0

Mario C.16:10:16

I believe it is in reference to (cider-jack-in)


Ok. Does SPC h d f cider-jack-in tell you anything?

Mario C.16:10:20

Yea it tells me it needs one argument PARAMS and the example above it just being called as (cider-jack-in)

Mario C.16:10:54

But I tried (cider-jack-in cider-lein-params) but that didn't solve it


This is rapidly getting beyond my understanding of elisp. simple_smile But I bet folks in #emacs and/or #cider could help, especially if you leave out the Spacemacs-specific stuff and just focus on getting that function working, invoked from M-x start-cider-repl-with-profile.

Mario C.17:10:55

Thanks man! I am just setting it manually right now

Mario C.18:10:23

How to keep two windows from mirroring?

Mario C.18:10:07

As in, I have two windows open with the same file. Id like to keep window 2 at a certain position while have window 1 at another. Anything I do (in terms of navigating) in window 1 doesn't reflect in window 2.


use indirect buffers.


clone an indirrect buffer, they would act like separate things, but still save into the same file