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Hi, why does slack hides older posts, asking me to pay a team price? I comment in this community as a volunteer without any financial interest, but to promote Clojure. And I am certainly not a team to pay a team price!


@dennisa We run the community on a free plan so Slack only lets us see/search 10,000 messages. It would cost nearly $9K per month to run this community on a paid plan. @logbot collects all the messages in most channels and you can find the logs here


Did you guys know that slack sometimes shuts down chats for being publicly accessible?


Ours got closed that way. We were told to vacate within 2 weeks before deletion


the ToS at that time (maybe still now) clearly outlined it's for company internal usage


I find it ABSURD that a coding community would opt for something so ridiculously capitalist and proprietary as the main venue for communication. But I guess thats just me ¯\(ツ)


@UCG8KE0SG Which community was that?


Clojurians wasn't set up to be "the main venue for communication". It was set up as an experiment -- as were similar Clojure communities on Matrix/Relay, Discord, Gitter, and many other places. It just happens to be where about 14,000 people signed up to communicate. Folks are welcome to use whichever service they want. There's also IRC, the Google Groups, Reddit...


and Mattermost. Hope that's still up.


Logbot is interesting

cvic14:10:42 is even more interesting 😄