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I have only one purpose in passing on the following link -- your mild amusement. [But some of those links are fairly educational, too.] I have only two purposes in passing on the following link -- your mild amusement, and perhaps you may learn something. [But aren't you kind of obsessed about the clojure.set function behavior, too? I mean, you have spent way too much time thinking about it, Andy]. ..... I have only three purposes in passing on the following link. three purposes. [You should apologize to Monty Python now.]


After looking up the meaning of that symbol, I accept the assessment (with the slight qualification that what I experience is not rage, but annoyance 🙂 ) I had never seen this video before, and it did seem to be a nice reasonably short (1 hour) explanation from a C++ compiler writer's perspective on why C/C++ have so much undefined behavior:


I was too lazy, I decided to read the code. I would have run it if you provided an all in one though. I wonder if clojure loads from git... No, of course not, it has java in.


One does not often hear someone describe themself as lazy for reading code rather than running it 🙂


Cloning clojure, waiting for a build... ⏲️


It isn't the kind of thing I would want to publish a JAR for, due to the fear that someone would use it accidentally. Just a bit of silliness.


If you can get this working with IllegalArgumentException, I probably would use it!


Just for fun


That one throws AssertionError, not IllegalArgumentException


But with frogs


oh, you want the exception and the frog? Yeah, that is a one-line change 🙂


Then I just have to plant the changes secretly into my colleagues machines somehow...


You are the second person who said they are thinking of doing that 🙂


Making it throw an exception will cause to also throw exceptions in some cases where I believe it returns the correct answer today.


I recently got caught with my install of sl on a colleagues machine where I noticed they had sudo without a password. They didn't typo sl for 5 months!


That frog jumping out of the box has been my canonical mental image of "undefined behavior" ever since I learned C in the early 90s 🙂


I just learned yesterday while searching the Internet for articles/videos on undefined behavior the term "nasal demons"


The singing frog is a favorite cartoon of mine, so a much better mental image, I think.