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@dustingetz I guess I typed too slow on a fiddle on and it blew up. Sorry.

Dustin Getz17:10:46

@mtbkapp Its only you, its in your local storage. Try clearing the staging area, or if you are good in datomic, you can fix it

Dustin Getz17:10:01

can you screenshot the error also, thanks

Dustin Getz17:10:57

You can also send me the stage and i can fix it


Slack doesn’t want to let me upload a file. The error is :db.error/datoms-conflict Two datoms in the same transaction conflict


fiddle was: :mtbkapp/accounting If it’s easier you can just delete it.

Dustin Getz17:10:39

It doesnt exist anywhere but in your local storage

Dustin Getz17:10:51

can you get to the staging area and paste me the datoms?


`[[:db/add “-2017569654” :fiddle/ident :mtbkapp/accounting] [:db/retract “-2017569654" :fiddle/type :blank] [:db/add “-2017569654” :fiddle/type :query] [:db/retract “-2017569654" :fiddle/query “[:find (pull ?e [:db/id *]) :where\n [?e :db/ident :db/add]]“] [:db/add “-2017569654” :fiddle/query “[:find (pull ?e [:db/id *]) :where\n [?e ]]“] [:db/retract “-2017569654” :fiddle/query “[:find (pull ?e [:db/id *]) :where\n [?e :nei]]“] [:db/add “-2017569654” :fiddle/query “[:find (pull ?e [:db/id *]) :where\n [?e :neighbo]]“]]`

Dustin Getz17:10:17

[[:db/add "-2017569654" :fiddle/ident :mtbkapp/accounting]
 [:db/add "-2017569654" :fiddle/type :query]
 [:db/add "-2017569654" :fiddle/query "[:find (pull ?e [:db/id *]) :where\n [?e :neighbo]]"]]


I got it cleared out.

Dustin Getz17:10:45

That error happens sometimes, for now you just have to fix it occasionally


Alright. Thanks for the help.