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Hi! Quick question: do the standard REPL commands in Cursive (i.e. evaluate form, load file in repl, change namespace, etc) not work with the cljs/figwheel repl?


returning to explore Cursive again. Starting from a fresh IntelliJ (IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.5 (Community Edition)) and Cursive (Version: 1.8.0-eap8-2018.2) install. I've got a deps.edn project. When I open the project for the first time, I'm using "auto-import". I'm getting a sync failed error message, as well as a separate window that mysteriously displays only clojure/java/api/Clojure


Recommendations for further debugging?


@peterwestmacott No, there isn’t, but I’m planning to fix the cljs interop case specifically.


Which is the issue that @azzurite quoted there.


@favila There isn’t, but there really should be.


@isak No - I’m planning to partially fix that with an “interrupt printing” button, but that will only fix the client side (which is usually the problem).


@hmaurer They should work with both.


@grzm Can you send a screenshot of that?


@cfleming would you prefer to the channel or DM? (got one queued and ready)


@grzm Either is fine, or email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> (depends if there’s anything sensitive in there)


@grzm Can you send me your log file? Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer. Probably best to send that via email.


@grzm I can’t see that one, for some reason gmail isn’t letting me download it. But can you post a screenshot of your config screen? Settings-&gt;Build, Execution, Deployment-&gt;Build tools-&gt;Clojure Deps


Did you configure the path to your clojure command there?


@cfleming perhaps I am doing something wrong then; I get “Cannot load ClojureScript form into Clojure repl”


@cfleming I'm failing to find the configuration you're looking for 😕 Is that accessible from a menu? Some button on a window?


@cfleming found it (`s/Settings/Preferences/` on my system) And updating the path to the clojure script has gotten me further.


I am having some trouble with generating stubs for my project (lein + shadow-cljs). Getting the following error:

Error generating stubs for module elogic
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: Option UseConcMarkSweepGC was deprecated in version 9.0 and will likely be removed in a future release.
What should I do?


I’ve solved this issue, however I am still running into some sort of indexing problem. One of my file contains this declaration:

(ns elogic.intro
  (:require [devcards.core :as rc :refer-macros [defcard deftest]]
            [elogic.ui.components :as comp]
            [cljs.test :refer-macros [testing is]]))
Cursive does not pick up the devcards.core import (and the macros). If I cmd-click on devcards.core, it brings me to a javascript file. I’m using lein and shadow-cljs.


Problem solved, it wasn’t an issue with Cursive itself 🙂


Other question: where is Cursive storing the Resolve as... settings?


"interrupt current evaluation" for the REPL doesn't always seem to work. Particular case I'm noticing occurs when I load a file instead of sending forms individually. I'd like to be able to stop it without killing the process so some cleanup code can be run. I like loading the file because it doesn't pollute the command history, as opposed to selecting all and evaluating.