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Just saw a small issue where the first time you run figwheel.main (or after cleaning), the app cannot find base.js and other JS files. This doesn't seem to happen every time. Also if you Ctrl-C and restart, it works. So I suspect some race condition or other, or a problem related to the presence of the target/ folder in the class path


configuring up figwheel-main 0.2.0-snapshot so i can use the extra mains feature. I've got

{:main             react-hitch.qui-tracker
 :extra-main-files {:devcards {:main react-hitch.devcards-runner}}}
and I expect to be able to see this extra main at http://localhost:9500/figwheel-extra-main/devcards.html but its not working. I see no compiled out either. Am i missing something obvious?


I think extra-main-files is supposed to go on the metadata


(and I'm running 0.1.9 with extra-main-files)


oh. and you are running it successfully?


thanks by the way

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Yup, working great!


we're almost working. we aren't seeing our "test" directory showing up. only things in "src". does that ring a bell with you?


thanks for your help earlier. the answer seems to be put "test" in the :watch-dirs vector


Oh, just saw that, sorry. No problem - it's the very least I can do! 🙂 I suspect the issue was that you didn't add "test" to your classpath. :watch-dirs automatically adds its folders when we forget it (besides setting the watch). IIRC, you'll see some warnings on figwheel's logs if that's the case.