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eccentric J05:10:41

Hello regurgitating a question I had asked in the #clojure channel: How do you disconnect from nrepl so you can reload + connect to it again?

eccentric J05:10:10

If I close the terminal window the yellow nrepl connection icon on the bottom left of the screen still shows as active.


@jayzawrotny, connecting again (`ctrl+alt+v c`), disconnects before reconnecting and restarts the terminal repls as well. I'll check if there is a more intuitive way to do it.

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Checked it out some now, @jayzawrotny. It seems the Disconnect command has been lost somewhere. And that the Connect and Reconnect commands essentially do the same thing. Did reconnect do the trick for you?


It is a bit confusing with the Terminal REPLs, but it is pretty much a one way connection, where Calva can send stuff to them, but they can't really talk to Calva.

eccentric J07:10:47

Yes and no, I think it reloads things correctly but after doing it a few times the terminal starts to hang and I can’t connect until I shutdown VS Code

eccentric J07:10:55

Even in an external terminal app


Sounds like a leakage. What do you mean with an external terminal?

eccentric J07:10:02

Like if opened I wouldn’t get a prompt until I close VS Code


Wow. Please tell me the whole procedure and I might be able to reproduce it to see what is going on.


Also, information about your OS, versions of VS Code and Calva, would help. I recognize issues with Terminals hanging, but then it seemed to be a VS Code issue that got sorted out.


Thanks! That is great feedback.

eccentric J07:10:05

Thanks, updated it with Environment details


Saw them. Same as I have. Unfortunatelly I can't get it to happen. What is the setting of Terminal: Explorer Kind on your machine?

eccentric J08:10:43

I notice my profiles.clj uses cider 0.17.0


Maybe it's something with the project… Do you have some other project you can try with?


@jayzawrotny: It seems more people have started to get this problem again:

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eccentric J14:10:17

I can switch to another but this project was just created today and is maybe 3 lines more than a lein app template.


It's probably not about the project then. But I wonder why I can't reproduce it.