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Process, a Clojure wrapper for java.lang.Process v0.1.1: Similar to, it now supports appending output to files (previously it only supported writing). To reduce cognitive overhead between libraries, process adopted the same convention: • feat ◦ Support :out + (`:write` / :append) and :out-file + file ◦ Support :err + (`:write` / :append) and :err-file + file For questions, go to #babashka

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A missing piece in Calva was highlighted by @daslu: We didn't treat metadata as part of the form to be evaluated. I've spent some days of work convincing Calva to do the right thing here. Resulting in Calva v2.0.247, which also contains some more of @corasaurus-hex’s wonderful work with making the project more maintainable: •

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Carsten Behring18:03:27

New version of .clj-djl released. • It allows to configure the fasttext training with all options

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