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Seems like shows a build error for the docs. lists it as

"Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at kaocha.type.spec.test.fdef/eval7290$loading (fdef.clj:1).\nCould not locate orchestra/spec/test__init.class, orchestra/spec/test.clj or orchestra/spec/test.cljc on classpath.\n",
though I'm not sure if that's the real error, or caused by something deeper


Hm, the circle logs don't show that it would even download orchestra. Could it be that it's not using the :test alias, thus misses all the extra-deps?


thanks for the heads up, we need to signal to cljdoc that it needs these optional dependencies. I'll get it fixed.


I read a bit of cljdoc docs. Seems like it reads pom.xml only, nothing from deps.edn. No idea how the pom should be generated in these cases where the deps are for dev or test env only. Or should the whole fdef be even included in the scan for documentation, since it's not meant for external use?


this is all handled in our lambda island tooling for releasing libraries


so that should hopefully fix it with the next release