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Started new job at Aspect Analytics two days ago :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:

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Clojure(Script) full stack, will be blogging demos with fancy pants webGL visualizations in the nearish future. Bio informatics space. Super exciting times 😁


@bbss Congrats!

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congrats 😄

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Sounds super nice!


Look what finally arrived after months of waiting :D


Truly what all of us need


haha just a collectable 😄


Hello from Finland based Clojure/script full-stack developer 🙂 I wondered if anyone here is hiring Clojure role with relocation supported or initially remote work is fine too. (I can work as a regular employee or as a freelancer too) If you are interested, Please check my profile. Bests, Won

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If you are fine working with Java/Kotlin I know a couple of nice companies that support relocation. But I don't know any Clojure companies that do. I'm interested why you want to move to the Netherlands?


@gklijs Hi. thanks for nice suggestion. I’ve worked with Java and Kotlin in past too but there was some frustration that I am much more productive with Clojure so for now I will be patiently waiting for right opportunity for me (Currently I am freelancing for Clojure projects). Since Finland also wants to join NATO, and Russia threatened, I fear in the future Finland might become another victim like current Ukraine. As a foreigner here, I just want to find safer place for my family that I don’t have to worry about possible war. So I don’t have urgent need to move to Netherlands immediately but I want to build work connections outside of Finland so that I can relocate when needed and possible. I am pro-European culture, human rights and freedom so I figured the Netherlands will fit my value to live in. But I was also looking for roles in Denmark, Norway since yesterday. I have gotten remote freelancing position offer so far, but no relocation offer yet.


Yes, sounds you you fit right in. I understand the struggle with Java and Kotlin. For myself programming language certainly is a factor, but just started a new adventure in basically a Java shop. Although I might want to try get at least some Clojure glue code in there, so our product becomes easier to use with Clojure.


Good luck! I hope your colleagues are openminded about trying out Clojure!


Well, the nice thing in this case would be it would be just my thing. But it might be a nice way to keep involved in the Clojure community.

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Rudy Tjin13:03:00

The company I am currently employed by is hiring: (Position for front-end dev) (Position for backend dev) We have a couple of clojure positions open 🙂 If it looks interesting, you can apply with the “Solliciteer” button. If you tell them I sent you, I might even get a small bonus :)