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Hi, I’m working on a project and have a bit of difficulty getting the desired output, here’s what I have:

(h/where :and
            [:>= :total_units 1]
            [:raw "week_beginning >= date '2019-01-01'"]
            (when skus [:in :sku skus]) ;; Good
            (when brands [:in :brand brands]) ;; Good
            (when cat-ids [:regex_like :cat cat-ids]) ;; Bad
regexp_like(cat-ids, '^Thing\|Foo\\|Bar') <--- this is what I’m trying to replicate in Honey. I suspect I need to extend Honey but I’m failing all over the place, could anyone provide any pointers?


skus, brands and cat-ids are all lists.


I ended up just using :raw and built the string up.


@crankyadmin cat-ids is a list of strings? You'd need str/join to turn it into the single string argument that regexp_like expects.