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quick feedback: if I google "xtdb lucene" the top result is a doc for 1.19.0, and it's not immediately obvious that this is an older version (version # is pretty low contrast)

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well, I've had a relatively brief think about what could be done, but haven't had any good ideas.... suggestions are welcome 💡 Could increasing the contrast be enough? Or adding a thick border around the dropdown?


I've had a brief think as well, and adding a bit of color might help draw attention if the version is not current


Postgres does something similar for unsupported versions:


ah yes, those banner warnings/messages looks like appropriate prior art, thank you!


Does typed attribute values such as map / vector have performance penalty in queries, comparing to simpler types such as string? Thought the engine will need parse that.


There should be no performance difference when actually performing the joins and index scans, since all that machinery operates using value hashes and ID hashes, but there is definitely additional serde cost at the boundaries of the query for handling composite values (or if you use Clojure fns inside the query). That said, I suspect by the time you really have to start worrying about this level of performance differences there will be a whole host of other low-hanging optimizations available with likely much bigger impact


What kind of data volumes are you working with?


Thanks! So you comments suggests I don't need to worry the performance at that level. I am just thinking the schema when looking at this. The volumes can be up to a million entities.

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Cool, that doesn't sound massive so I expect you'll be safe for quite a while. As ever with these things though, profiling and measuring with your own unique system, data, & queries is an important part of the overall process, as it is really the only way to be confident about how things will work in production. Should you ever want to dig into XT and your app using a profiler to look for optimizations, I'm always happy to help or even pair 🙂

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I'm still in prototype stage. Thanks so much!

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