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Hi! Is there a way to see the concrete dependency tree used by poly test ... command?


There is no command in the poly tool as far as I know. That could be nice to know actually since Polylith calculates them by combining project’s test alias and its components and bases test aliases.


You can pass in :verbose to the test command, e.g. poly test :verbose to see the configuration and classpath that is used.


Thanks! :verbose gives the information I need

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is there some place in the docs where it tells you how to install/invoke the poly tool? it seems like it should be linked from


ah, workflow


I was stuck in a loop where suggests heading over to which has screenshots of tool output (but not how to invoke it) and links back for documentation


Looks like you finally found it.


I did, and just realized that and are different sites with different menus

hiredman19:03:28 is the site you land on if you search for polylith, and it tells you all about the ideas behind polylith, the problems it solves, etc, but doesn't tell you what to do if you find yourself in a polylith project never having run the tools before

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I added a link to the poly tool on the first page: