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Hii everyone! I am a clojure beginner and I am a little stuck setting dev-local to develop and test Datomic Cloud, I get this error ; Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at datomic.core.anomalies/throw-if-anom (anomalies.clj:94). ; You must specify an absolute path or the keyword :mem under :storage-dir in a map in your ~/.datomic/dev-local.edn file, or in your call to client when I execute this line

(dl/divert-system {:system "production"})
I already create ~/.datomic/dev-local.edn file with an absolute path {:storage-dir "home/User/folder-1/folder-2/data"} I am following this documentation if someone could give me some clue it would be wonderful Thank you for your time

Robert A. Randolph12:03:28

An absolute path should start with a leading slash. Have you checked that path in your shell by trying to cd to it from some non-root directory?


😰 Thank u :,) that was the problem, I spent like 1 hour looking the error. Thank u very much Robert