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Anmol Ahuja09:10:09

"Hi Clojurians, I represent Skuad, an employment platform that helps companies build & manage their globally distributed remote teams. We're actively looking for {PHP Developers} for our client Shiprocket who've built India's first automated shipping solution for eCommerce. This is a fully remote opportunity. If you're interested, you may directly apply on this link -"


You shouldn’t be advertising for PHP Developers on this slack. Deleting this and deactivating your account since you spammed us with four of these!

gotta_go_fast 1
👍 1

OMG! They posted more while I was deleting. Maybe it was a bot? But now deactivated. Let’s hope they don’t keep creating accounts.

Geoffrey Gaillard09:10:18

Looked like someone copying/pasting pre-made messages.


Very clumsily too. What on earth could have been the purpose? All I can think of is that they bet on that the links will be published outside this slack automatically. Which I think actually can happen so I raised a concern in #clojureverse-ops


At least Zulip seems to not have picked them up 👌


Or maybe the deletions cascade to Zulip


Ah, yes. That’s probably how the Clojurians log works as well. I think I’ve seen something about how the logging is quite non-trivial.


If a message is deleted within a certain window of it having been posted, the Zulip mirror bot will catch the delete as well as the original post. I think it's as long as the mirror bot has the original message in memory...