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Asko Nōmm13:10:58

Does anybody else experience sort-of a drop in connection to a REPL every now and again? I notice especially how sometimes the “send command to repl” works, and other times it will tell me that it could not resolve a symbol. Usually reconnecting to the REPL again solves it, but it happens pretty often and wondering if it’s just a problem with my system or anyone else experiences the same. This is when connecting to the Generic REPL connection.


This sounds more like trying to eval a form when the ns has not been loaded. Can you try to narrow it down and/or reproduce it more specifically?

Neil Ashton13:10:45

A problem that’s been nagging me for a while: Namespaced keywords not supported ! calva-fmt.formatCurrentForm errors preventing auto-formatting. (I just wrapped a big ole map with a (let ,,,), and it looks like I’m going to have to add spaces by hand now. 😞 ) Is there a setting I can tweak to fix this?


No setting, unfortunately. This needs some focused attention to fix. And some hard decisions. We are tracking it here:


I think there might be a formatting extension that you can use in parallell with Calva’s formatter in the meantime. But I haven’t checked so that is just a guess.

Neil Ashton14:10:13

Thanks for the suggestion! — I’m curious: what are the hard decisions involved? What makes this such a tough problem?


Apart from choosing not to do something else, there is a feature in the balance: Associative/bindings alignment. I have tried quite hard to port it up to latest cljfmt but I always fail and run out of time. So it will have to go or some fallback needs to be discovered. It’s one of those feature that I regret adding. I don’t even align my maps any more as I’m fed up with the whitespace wars that follows. But surely there are a lot of Calva users relying on this feature.


I guess one can say that I have made myself (and you and a lot of Calva users) Victims of Complexity

Neil Ashton16:10:07

Please don’t spend too much time mired in regret, @U0ETXRFEW – Calva makes my work life more enjoyable every day, and quirks like namespaced keywords being troublesome for the formatter don’t change that 🙂 Speaking of alignment: I noticed that associative alignment within vector binding expressions seems to have gone away for me recently. I wasn’t sure whether that was a change to Calva or something I did. Did that get turned off somehow?


I am conditioned to beat myself up over screwups. 😃 I take your words to my heart. Thanks!


Can you describe the steps you take to reproduce the alignments missing in binding vectors? The problem we have with namespaced keywords is because we are stuck on an old fork of cljfmt, which hasn’t changed for long. And the purpose of the fork was to provide the alignment.


I saw you have to use #dbg for debugging clojure in Calva (sorry trying to use debuggin seancorfield 🙂 ). Is there possible to change it to using after a comment like ; #dbg , it´s because I forgot to remove it sometimes


Use tap> instead. It doesn't matter if you leave tap> in production code.


(is #dbg really a Calva thing @U0ETXRFEW?)


I think so. 😀 I seldom use the debugger. When I do, it is #break.


Those reader tags are used by cider-nrepl which is providing some of the debugger functionality.


If they’re commented, they won’t function as reader tags.


It’s probably possible to use comments in such a way, but I, at least, would not consider the effort worth it. 😄


Dear Calva friends: Can I get some help testing a change before I release it? In the current release of Calva you have two quite new Jack-in options: babashka and nbb. However things like definition lookup, implementation peek and navigation, code completion, and function signature help do not work. This build fixes that. Hopefully. And hopefully it doesn’t break similar features for other project types. According to my testing things are good, but the changes are a bit fundamental, so it would be nice with more brains trying to see where it might have broken. Thanks in advance! 🙏 ❤️


I'm testing now, but I don't see the bb or nbb options anymore?


I mean the jack-in options


the solution was to open Calva "in a folder"


Yes, VS Code wants a folder. The standalone repl options cheat around that a bit.


We probably should add nbb and babshka drams: That (and some reconfig) would give us standalone nbb and babshka repl starts.