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Dustin Getz13:10:29

Hey missionary fans, check out an async repl-first test macro, it is great for learning Missionary. There is a missionary example halfway down. We released async test support yesterday, we've been using it internally with missionary for about a quarter.

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Dustin Getz14:10:24

I am contributing Missionary readme work this weekend ā€“ can I get feedback?


Looks nice! I like that it's more concrete than the previous iteration


New release : b.23 ā€¢ #37 new operator : group-by ā€¢ #13 minor bug fix : bad error reporting on reduce and reductions

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Ben Sless05:10:02

How would you classify propagators in this context?

Dustin Getz16:10:49

what is a propagator

Ben Sless16:10:11 One of Sussman's later research projects. Like dataflow but results can propagate back, not just forward, allowing different nodes to reinforce and refine each others' outputs