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Abhinav11:10:31 is a simple task schedule that can run clojure functions periodically. Features • It runs all the tasks in the background so you can keep working in the repl, after starting sisyphus. • Dynamically add and remove tasks while sisyphus is running. • Exceptions thrown by tasks are logged. • Print logs to console or write to EDN files. If you have ideas and suggestions for improvements do let me know. Clojars

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tbh I haven't seen those libraries, but chime looks interesting. I think I might use a in the next release. But for now, the number of threads spawned is not limited (?) which has the upside of ensuring your task runs at the time it was scheduled (if resources permit). Also, sisyphus has an arguably friendlier interface. (three important functions). It may not give you the fine-grained control of chime, tho. But chime seems like a very mature library :)


Awesome name!


Love the name too

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:20

#find-my-lib is a good place to check 🙂

Carsten Behring13:10:58 is simple package to access an server Features: • supporting all OpenCPU operations in an idiomatic way Clojars

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Based on a suggestion from @lee and a tip from @borkdude, I wrote a scriptable, embeddable, terminal emulator ,

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Wowzers! Looking forward to checking this out!

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Let me know if you run into any issues. The section should cover the use case you mentioned

Ben Sless18:10:33

Incredible. It's almost no code at all. Powerful tool you made there 🙂

phronmophobic18:10:38 does a lot of work, but it's not much code either! Since it's all just data, it was really easy to work with. I can't imagine it would be that much fun integrating with a virtual terminal emulator in another language.


So cool, @U7RJTCH6J !!

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