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Daniel Craig15:10:09

Re-com question: I want to learn to use simple-v-table, but when I try adding the examples from the documentation to my project, they fail with an error Nothing was returned from render. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?


If you're sure that it's simple-v-table and the re-com documentation code itself is running just fine for you (can be built and run with the "watch" lein alias), then you need to provide at least some code for us to help you, ideally a minimal reproducible example.

Daniel Craig16:10:49

This is what I overlooked in the documentation, oops:

Daniel Craig16:10:52

Required Dependencies Add detect-element-resize.js to your index.html or equivalent as per below:`<script src="path/to/detect-element-resize.js" type="text/javascript"></script>` If you do not include this script the v-table will not render and you will get an error in the console like Your project is missing detect-element-resize.js or detect-element-resize-externs.js could not setup v-table.

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