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a simple XTDB inspector web UI... you can browse documents, view the history or run (and save) queries. Also shows XTDB indexing metrics.

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ideas welcome, what could the inspector do more

henrik08:10:02 is a Fulcro/Reagent/Re-frame compatible packaging of the icons from

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phronmophobic19:10:14 A wrapper around Currently, only basic support for video and gifs, but more to come! Here's an example from

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This gives a whole new meaning to defrecord

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Magical! One thing that I thought might be interesting is to somehow automatically capture terminal screenshots (stills not animated gifs) for the output of a single command. I thought this might be useful for tools that have pretty output and want to keep their screenshots in their docs up to date. Tools like maybe, or even Would your library help with this kind of thing?

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That's an interesting idea. You still need to draw the frames, but I think I have an ansi terminal renderer lying around somewhere. Let me check!


@UE21H2HHD Just checked. The terminal renderer I have isn't in an easy to use state at the moment. For static screenshots, clj-media seems like overkill. It seems like you could use any terminal renderer. For example: • applescript + terminal + screencapture • xterm.js + puppeteer +;version=v10.4.0&amp;show=api-class-page


you know about as well right?


I did not. They even have a cljc virtual terminal. I might have to play around with this at some point,


Thanks for taking a peek @U7RJTCH6J - and also for the ideas!


@U7RJTCH6J looks like a nice little project… FYI though it looks like you may need to license it as GPLv2 rather than EPL as avclj is GPLv2 not LGPL. I’m not sure why it isn’t LGPL but it seems FFMpeg has parts of the library that are GPL licensed and other parts that are LGPL. It may be that avclj could be licensed as either depending on what functionality others use 🤷