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David Vujic10:10:06

I haven’t given up on trying out if workflows that we love in clojure is possible in languages like Python (my current full-time day coding language). I have contributed to PyCon Sweden, an online conference that is running today and tomorrow. It is a lightning talk, 5 minutes long, about REPL Driven Development - in Python. Here’s the video:

clj-python 2

nice demo 😉 even though I'm kindof fed up with python 😞


so what's the repl there and how is the communication taking place?

David Vujic11:10:54

The REPL is a Python shell - and I've modified it to fire up IPython instead of the regular one. There's some really nice features in the elpy package for emacs, where you can send expressions to the shell.

emacs 1
David Vujic12:10:19

I think there are vs code Python plugins that can do that too.

David Vujic12:10:03

Also, I've configured IPython to reload sub modules that are changed. Otherwise one would have to restart the REPL session.