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Hi Clojurians! We are looking for some Clojure(Script) developers or those who want to become one. Our company is an active member of the Clojure community. The only catch: We're located in :flag-de: Germany and German is mandatory. 😬 If you'd like to have a look, please Work at the office Work remote Work alternately

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Kann ich auch von Neuseeland aus arbeiten?


@U01TQQH1W6A Da beißt sich leider die Zeitverschiebung mit unserer teamzentrierten Arbeitsweise. 😞


Hello Everyone! We are looking to hire another Clojurian in our team! Feel free to reach out to me directly:


We’re looking for one last senior Clojure dev to join us at Fluent this year. Currently we’re six strong in the dev team so you’ll have a lot of say and a big impact in what we deliver. (100% remote first btw.) So if you consider yourself experienced enough, please DM me here or apply directly below! I look forward to chat and show our current state of progress, and all the juicy tech challenges we’ve yet to solve ☺️🚀🙌:skin-tone-2:

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